About Us

Who we are:

Heart to Heart with Art is an educational and charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We use the arts to serve the community through a variety of art and service projects. Heart to Heart with Art is committed to celebrating creativity and empowering individuals to give back– one heart to another – through art.

Our Mission Statement:

Heart to Heart with Art’s mission is to use the arts to encourage, empower and inspire children to recognize their own creativity and make a difference in the world. Using art service projects, Heart to Heart with Art helps schools, after-school programs and other nonprofits reach specific communities in need such as homeless youth, immigrant families and abused children. The goal is to help others find their creativity and heal while also giving back to others in the community.

Our Story:

Lisa M. Burns founded the nonprofit Heart to Heart with Art 501(c)(3), as a passion project. As an artist, she discovered how art could heal personal trauma and inspire growth. She wanted to share that gift with others while also creating a platform to allow others to give back to those in need.

Lisa learned to love serving others at an early age through mission trips, working at food banks or donating her time and talents to those in need in the community. Grateful to her family for planting the seeds of service in her early on, Lisa wanted to incorporate both the arts and the art of giving to others through Heart to Heart with Art.