Heart to Heart with Art’s goal is to use art to help others give back to their communities and help at-risk youth find their creativity to grow and heal from painful experiences in their past.

One of Heart to Heart with Art’s first service projects – the Hope Boards project – helped foster kids paint what they wanted to be when they grew up. These young artists overcame fears of perfection, developed a vision for the future and shared their artwork with friends and family. Creativity helped provide a release for these young people and enabled their self-discovery and growth through art.

In Heart to Heart with Art’s Hope Bags project, kids packed bags with art supplies, toiletries and toys to give to other children in need. It was inspiring to watch the children work together and see the pride on their faces when they saw the pictures of the kids who received the bags. This project taught children how positive actions can make a difference in another person’s life.

Through the HeArt Connection project, Heart to Heart with Art also helps fellow artists achieve their goals and complete projects they are struggling with. Heart to Heart with Art helped one artist publish her children’s books, created celebration of life cards and memory books for another elderly patron and helped other artists get the encouragement and assistance they need on art projects.

Lisa wants Heart to Heart with Art to provide those in need with exposure, education and support to find their creative confidence, create healing and change the world.

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Please help Lisa and the Heart to Heart with Art team reach others using the healing power of art – from her heart to yours, one heart at a time. Heart to Heart with Art is always open for donations, volunteers or ideas for new projects. Most of the hands-on projects take place in the SF Bay Area or Portland, Oregon area. Please click here to learn how you can help.