Hearts Love Literary Arts

H2H_Puppets3Puppets & Plays Project: 

Heart with Art understands the importance and struggle individuals carry regarding the literary arts. We as an organization find creative avenues to reach those in need and to provide the tools for helping them express themselves. Art is a universal language that unites diverse cultures and eliminates language barriers.

One example is making puppets and working together as a team to create, write and perform a short play.

2016-06-16 17.09.49 2016-06-16 17.18.062016-06-16 16.34.24The range of creativity in the children’s puppets creations and play topics is eye-opening to the issues they themselves are facing. This safe and creative environment makes it easy for the children to open up.

Heart to Heart with Art also links with other organizations such as Hope’s Table, a free community education ELL program, offering free English classes, childcare, and transportation. Non-English speaking immigrants and refugees find themselves isolated and frustrated while adapting to an English-speaking environment. Heart to Heart with Art works directly with the immigrants’ children to provide fun, art based activities such as the puppet project to help them expressive themselves, be creative, and practice their English.

Click on the photos to view examples of the children’s puppets being interviewed and samples from their plays.

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Click here to watch the video of the Puppets & Plays Project

Click here to if you want to donate and contact us at lisaburns@h2hwithart.com if you have puppet making supplies or volunteer with this project in Portland, Oregon or the Bay Area. Please note, due to our 501(c)(3) status, we will give you a tax receipt for all financial donations and gifts in kind. Thank you for your support.H2H_Puppets2 H2H_Puppets_1 H2H_Puppets5





The “I Believe” Writing Project

Another example of our literary arts focused activities is the “I Believe” writing project. In an effort to bolster the literary arts, Heart to Heart with Art is supporting a small writing project for middle and high school- age writers.  The inspiration is “I believe” and kids are encouraged to write a narrative describing a belief in which they feel is worth sharing.  It can be funny, poignant, serious, or silly and is simply a means to allow kids to acquire their literary voices in a 140 character world.  Students are encouraged to follow the 300-500 word guideline.

Check out our blog posts to see more of the “I Believe” sample essays.

new_1.I Believe in love stories_Michelle Chavez new_1.I believe in natural beauty_Amy Paquin new_1.I Believe_ Theatre_Ian K.T. Graham new_1.Power of a Postive Attitude new_1.This I Believe_Cameron Rose new_I believe in being painfully uncomfortable_Alexa Dube new_I believe in cultural experience_Kelsey Floyd new_I believe in Smiles_Amanda Powell new_I believe in Travel_Madison Rasmussen new_I Believe that football is more that just a game_Tanner Crooks new_I belive in doors by Anne-Marie Wieland