The Hope Board Painting Project

2015-09-12 12.03.08Despite busy schedules and budget cuts to school art programs, children still love to put color and shape to their own ideas and dream about the future.slide2





For the Hope Boards project, children ages 6-16 are encouraged to paint a self-portrait of what they wanted to be when they grew up and how they would change the world. Each participant is provided with a canvas board, paintbrushes, paints and an artist to teach painting techniques and provide guidance.

Heart to Heart with Art_Red_Rock_Mt. View_CA_Art_ShowThen we celebrate with a public art exhibition of their work and invite friends and family to join. At the exhibition we offer an art or service project and all are welcome to participate.

For example, an art project we did together was to created a mural called The Dream Tree with the theme being “Best Day of My Life”. The children had to draw a picture that represented what the best day in their life would look like, then Lisa used her paintbrush to add the finishing touches.

The Dream Tree Mural_15Click here to watch the video of the making of the mural.

H2H_RedRockArtShow_2014_K&L_2Click here to learn more about the service projects we offer during the art show, for example the filling of Heart to Hope Bags.

Help Lisa and the Heart to Heart with Art team reach others using the healing power of art – from our hearts to yours, one heart at a time. Heart to Heart with Art is always open for donations, volunteers, or new groups of children to work with. Please click here to learn how you can help.

Here are some examples of our Hope Board:

H2Hweb_Griffin_Age6Griffin, age 6, wants to be an inventor of the world’s best gumball machine, because this would make people happy. He wants his family around him and for them to be happy. Griffin added a coffee cup to the illustration of his father because his dad is happier with coffee. His brother Quinn (age 8), wants to be a Biologist and for him to work on eliminating pollution and for the sun and earth to be healthy.


H2HwebFieldDoctorHearttoHeartwithArtEvan, age 6, wants to be a field doctor in the desert, because in the desert there aren’t enough resources and he wants to help people. He drew a big medical truck with both a waiting room and examination/ surgery room. He also painted all the medicine red, because all the medicine on his truck would be watermelon and cherry flavor so that people would actually take their medicine.


H2HwebPetfoodmakerHeart2HeartwithArtCharlotte, age 8 ½ and 3 days, wants to make the world’s best pet food. When asked how she would change the world she said, “Happy pets make happy humans, happy humans will change the world.”



H2Hweb_Painting_QuinnQuinn, age 8, drew himself when he is 27, which he thought was really old. He wants to change the world by being a biologist and passionately explained the interesting facts about each plant and animal that he painted. Click here to watch this video of Quinn explaining his painting.



2013-Artinthepark_26Takeria, age 11, wants to be a hairstylist. She would change the world by making people feel beautiful because, she believes, if they feel beautiful they too will change the world.



H2Hweb_hopeboards3Maverick, age 9, wants to be an archeologist and discover gems and artifacts in caves and then share them with the world by opening his own museum.



Heart to Gabby_Heart with Art_Red Rock Coffee_Mt. View_CA_Art_ShowGabby, age 12, wants to be an author/artist/teacher and sell her books and paintings to support underprivileged children and to teach orphans and homeless kids.



Serenity_Age8_Teacher_2Serenity, age 8, wants to be a teacher because she wants to teach kids how to read. Despite her own challenges with not being able to write the alphabet and her adversities in foster care.



*Note: Check out our Instagram page to view more paintings and photos of our projects.

Here are some photos from the Children’s Art Exhibitions at the Red Rock Gallery: H2H_RedRockArtShow_2014_302013-11-23 13.00.36

Here is a social worker’s testimonial from working with a group of foster children:

Our kids were so fortunate to participate in a Heart to Heart with Art activity. They have experienced so much trauma, inconsistency and placement changes throughout their young lives. This experience gave them an opportunity to dream big and envision a future of hope and helpfulness. I cannot tell you how many times, since then, that the kids have talked with me about their experience. I know by the glow in their eyes that this experience made them feel special, hopeful and happy. It is a gift I want all the kids who are survivors to experience. It gave them some space to dream, create and play. It gave them some distance from the pain in their lives and made them realize what is possible for their futures.

I hope you will continue to bring this gift to children who really could use some extra attention and encouragement. Know that you made a difference. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart.


Mary Teegarden, ASW, LPHA