Heart to Heart with Art


Heart to Heart with Art is an educational and charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit that combines the arts
and acts of service to encourage children's creativity and the art of giving back to others.


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ART: Our goal is to create healing and improve the world – one heart to another – through art. We use different art projects to teach a variety of art techniques, while also helping participants express feelings and heal using art as a helpful tool. In addition, Heart to Heart with Art provides a platform for individuals dealing with sexual trauma to share their stories through various art forms.

SERVICE: Our goal is to offer low cost, high yield service projects. We teach children the art of giving back and show them that despite their age, they can made a difference. We also find projects in the community close to our hearts and use/develop creative ways to support them.


Amanda Rasmussen


Amanda Rasmussen is a Captain for the Oregon Department of Corrections, currently working within the Office of the Inspector General. As a US Department of Justice-certified Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) auditor, Amanda works with state prisons to prevent, detect and respond to the sexual abuse and sexual harassment of inmates. She has partnered with community-based advocacy centers who provide services to incarcerated survivors, and actively works toward ensuring a culture of sexual safety within confinement.

Kristina Rudinskas


Kristina is a marketing executive with more than twenty years of experience in the Bay Area helping start-ups and larger companies grow user base, create cool products and improve consumer messaging. She is currently a Director of Product Marketing for search, voice and video products at Verizon Media / Yahoo. When she’s not working, Kristina enjoys taking painting classes at Stanford with her dad, pretending to do yoga and enjoying a good hike with her dog.

Claire Shifren


Claire Shifren is passionate about maintaining Art in school curriculum and an advocate for building financial literacy. As a board member for the organization Claire supports the mission of Heart to Heart with Art by bringing events and action together as well as volunteering her time. Her decades long career as a Senior Financial Advisor and Financial Planner is where she serves those who place trust in the financial planning process to help them achieve specific goals and build their financial security. Whether in the context of finance or others of life challenges, the first step is visualization and creative thinking to navigate a path forward.

Mona Abdelmonem

Professional shot

Mona Abdelmonem is a Co-Founder and Child Development Advisor with Rillet TV. After spending nearly a decade in the education field, Mona gained insight into the world of a child. She has also worked with children and families who experienced some form of life change leading them to counseling. Mona believes every person encounters situations in life which molds them and with our personal growth we get to see situations from another perspective.

Mona, a certified Mental Health Counselor, practices intervention based techniques with various populations. She has great knowledge in Crisis Counseling and Interventions, Human Sexuality, and Substance Abuse. She holds a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Florida International University.

Mona enjoys time with her loving husband and charming toddler in the California Bay Area. She makes time for her endearing family adventures, hosting friends, and lazy days reading books with her loves. Lead your days in ways you will appreciate.

Madeleine Philbrook


Madeleine Philbrook is an independent video producer and graphic/web designer. With a B.A. in Digital Technology and Culture from Washington State University Vancouver and a highly competitive video editor internship at Sony Playstation under her belt, she has over five years of experience specializing in crafting stories for local talent, brands, and nonprofits. She is a diligent and devoted artist with a passion for digital storytelling in all of its forms. On her spare time, Madeleine produces independent documentaries and coordinates a number of music video contests across the Northwest.


From spreading awareness to helping local communities, we advocate for those who need it the most.
The following are examples of our impact in the community.