Heart to Heart with Art




The nonprofit Heart to Heart with Art 501(c)3 used art to teach Mrs. Nancy Cope’s first grade class about feelings, at Lassen View Elementary School in Redding, California.

The goal of this Paper Person project was to teach the children a tool to help them better express their feelings to others. If the child has a difficult time saying how they feel, now they will be able to use color and drawing to express themselves. 

First they were taught that they can choose different colors to represent and express their feelings. For example, if they are angry they might use red or the color yellow if they are happy. Next the children are encouraged to use the colors they have chosen to express that feeling and then draw where they experience that feeling in their body. This helps the child with a mind to body connection. For example, if they are mad, the child may draw the color red on their Paper Person’s hands because they want to punch something or color their heart yellow because they are happy. 


I would like to thank Mrs. Cope and her amazing first grade class for their enthusiasm and teamwork in all Heart to Heart with Art’s art projects this year. Mrs. Cope collaborated with Heart to Heart with Art to co-create an art program that would work best for her class. Everyone did an outstanding job in making this program a great success.

Thank you Mrs. Cope for being such a loving and talented teacher, you’ve inspired me and taught me so much this year. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with your awesome class, you all have touched my heart forever! Connecting heart to heart using art is what this program is all about.