Heart to Heart with Art


Prison Outreach

Coffee Creek is Oregon’s only State prison for women, and when they leave, only few are able to stay in Tualatin to use local charities and resources. Women who are discharged from the prison, often don’t have anyone to pick them up. They are given: a bus pass, a bag of condoms with a pamphlet…

Teaching Feelings Through Art

  Working with Nancy Cope’s First Grade Class in Redding, California The nonprofit Heart to Heart with Art 501(c)3 used art to teach Mrs. Nancy Cope’s first grade class about feelings, at Lassen View Elementary School in Redding, California. The goal of this Paper Person project was to teach the children a tool to help…

Making Purposeful Art With Kids

Despite busy schedules and budget cuts to school art programs, children still love to put color and shape to their own ideas and dream about the future. Heart to Heart with Art partners with other artists who volunteer their time and talent to support the expression of the natural creativity found in children. After providing the…

Female Empowerment

  One of Heart to Heart with Art’s greatest joys is to use art as a vehicle in making heart to heart connections. For our HeArt Connection- Your Artistic Dream Brought to Fruition project, individuals set on completing an art project, close to their heart, contacted us to help fulfill their dream. Heart to Heart…

Heart To Hope Bags

Travel Pick, Inc. donates our clear quart-size bags to be filled with hygiene items and art supplies by local children in the United States. The bags are then taken to local organizations helping families in need, such as domestic violence or homeless shelters. Travel Pick and Heart to Heart with Art also partners with other nonprofit international aid organizations serving communities in…

Hear Me. See Me. Believe Me.

    About the Art Exhibit Hear me. See me. Believe me. is a multimedia art exhibit advocating for survivors of sexual violence. Our first show was at the Cerimon House in Portland Oregon on the evening of Friday, March 15th. “Hear me – See me – Believe me” is an interactive exhibit created by…


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