Heart to Heart with Art

Art in the Park encourages the creativity within children by offering the means to allow kids to bring visual reality to their dreams. The kids are proud to share their paintings with others.  We have observed that many kids are too intimated by the “perfect” replications of graphics and instant photo technology to experiment with art.  It has been refreshing to learn that in spite of busy schedules and budget cuts to school art programs, children still love to draw, paint, and create!  Heart to Heart with Art has plans to expand and provide more opportunities and use different art disciplines through Art in the Park.

Heart to Heart with Art partners with other artists who volunteer their time and talent to support the expression of the natural creativity found in children. After providing the tools to help kids put color and shape to their own ideas, we have been delighted by the children’s hope, dreams, and how they intend on making the world a better place. 

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