Heart to Heart with Art

Heart to Heart with Art partners with other artists who volunteer their time and talent to support children’s’ natural creativity. After providing the tools to help kids put color and shape to their own ideas, we have been delighted by the children’s hopes, dreams, and intentions to make the world a better place.

For the Hope Board Project, children are provided with a canvas board, paintbrushes, paints, and an artist to aid with their creations. Then the children are encouraged to show what they want to be when they grow up and how they will change the world. After the completion of the Hope Boards, the children are invited, along with their families and friends, to an official art exhibit celebrating their work.

Through these projects and events it is refreshing to learn that in spite of busy schedules and budget cuts to school art programs, children still love to draw, paint, and create. The children are proud to share their paintings with others in this open environment. Heart to Heart with Art has plans to expand and provide more opportunities and use different art disciplines through the Art in the Park projects.

Thank you Red Rock for providing the space and all the help to make this show happen.

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Here are some examples of our dreamers, what they want to be when they grow up, and how they will change the world:

1. Griffin, age 6, wants to be an inventor of the world’s best gum ball machine, because this would make people happy. He wants his family around him and for them to be happy. Griffin added a coffee cup to the illustration of his father because his dad is happier with coffee. He wants his brother Quinn, who wants to be a Biologist, to work on eliminating pollution and for the sun and earth to be healthy.

2. Evan, age 6, wants to be a field doctor in the desert, because in the desert there aren’t enough resources and he wants to help people. He drew a big medical truck with a both a waiting room and examination/ surgery room. He also painted all the medicine red, because all the medicine on his truck would be watermelon and cherry flavor so that people would actually take their medicine.

3. Charlotte, age 8 ½ and 3 days, wants to make the world’s best pet food. When ask how she would change the world she said, “Happy pets make happy humans, happy humans will change the world”.

4. Quinn, age 8, drew himself when he is 27, which he thought was really old. He wants to change the world by being a biologist passionately explained the cool facts about each planted and animal that he painted.

5. Takeria, age 11, wants to be a hairstylist. She would change the world by making people feel beautiful about themselves, because, she believes, if they feel beautiful they too will change the world.

6. Mavrick, age 9, wants to be an archeologist and discover gems and artifacts in caves then share them with the world by opening his own museum.

7. Gabby, age 12, wants to be an author/artist/ teacher and to sell her books and paintings to support disprivileged children and to teach orphans and homeless kids.

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